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  In June of 1987, Al Anglace and six fellow shotgun enthusiasts shot a round of Sporting Clays at Sandanona.  They had such a great time; it became a monthly event and blossomed into the Connecticut Travelers Sporting Clays Association.

The Connecticut Travelers is a State of Connecticut corporation consisting of a minimum of five (5) members of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Dean Anglace
Andrej Kirylak
Steve Monti
Dr. Joe Sproviero

The directors are elected annually at a meeting for that purpose on the third Sunday of February of each year.  The elected Board members elect club officers from within their ranks.  President, Secretary and Treasurer are identified during this election.  Theare are no formal club meetings specified in the by-laws.


Membership in the Connecticut Travelers is limited.  A waiting list is maintained to accommodate any individual that is recommended to the club for membership.  Annually, February 1st is the deadline when the membership will be adjusted by accepting resignations and the enlistment of new members from the waiting list.  The membership application can be found below or here.


The Connecticut Travelers have developed a unique scoring method that uses ascending numerical noting as the target is attempted.  If the target is hit and it is the first target attempted, it is scored as "1".  If the second target is missed it is scored as a "-".  The second pair of targets, and all thereafter for that stat are scored accordingly using ascending numerical total hits... (1 - 2 3 - - 4 - ).

That total is continued into the first total column on the scorecard.  That is the stand total (i.e.. 4).  The next column is the ascending cumulative total of all stands shot and eventually the total of all targets hit.

After completion of all stands, the squad is responsible for turning in a correct set of score cards that are checked and initialed by two squad members.


Station Total

Running Total
1 - 1 - 2 3 4     4  
2 1 - 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 11
3 - - - 1 2 3 4 5 6 17
4 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 4 21
5 1 2 3 4 5 6     6 27

When assuming the responsibilities of a field judge, a member must know the Travelers and the NSCA rules to accurately rule on the hits and misses of each target attempted by a squad member.  A loud, distinct verbalization of the decision, to the shooter, is very important.  Each shooter is given the opportunity, at the time of the call, to disagree with the call of the field judge.  The field judge may solicit the opinion from other members of the squad, if there is a question from the shooter, and can reverse the decision if the judge deems it a reasonable consensus.  The judge makes the final determination.  Under no circumstances can the shooter continue to question or attempt to intimidate the field judge in an effort to reverse the decision.  Changes cannot be made to the scorecard once the shooter has left the shooting stand.  If any changes are made causing an erasure or strike over, the changes must be initialed by the field judge.

Member Classification

Each member will have his/her scores recorded in the club database after each shoot as a mandatory practice.  This will establish and average, which will classify the shooter into a level of competition equal to a number of other members.  Dividing our total membership into five classes identifies the participation levels.  Ten percent of the highest averages make up classes one (1).  The remaining members are evenly divided into four additional classes.  A classification usually is attained after three scores are posted, or if the member holds a national organization average.  Classifications are calculated twice a year, July 1 and January 1.  A member may also move up a class by a point system.  Three points are required to move up a classification.

The points are achieved by placing as follows:

  Third Place 1 point
  Second Place 2 points
  First Place 3 points

A member may only go down in classification when the semi-annual averages are calculated.  After a point move a member must stay in his/her new class for at least three months.  A member may only go down one class per semi-annual reclassification.

In addition to the five(5) classes, a shooter may qualify to compete concurrently in one of the following sub-classes:

  Veteran 2 Shooters who are 70 years or older.
  Veteran 1 55 to 69 years of age, or older if there is no Super Veteran class offered at the shoot.
  Ladies Female shooter of any age.
  Junior Any shooter who is under the age of 18.

Placing in any of these categories does not affect a shooter's movement through classes 1 through 5.  A shooter may place in only one classification.

All guests compete in the guest classification and one award will be given to the high score in the guest class.

Handicap Scoring System

Scoring handicaps are given to all those who do not shoot a 12 gauge shotgun.

  28 gauge 5 targets
  410 gauge 10 targets

It is the responsibility of the shooter to note the gauge or type of gun he/she is shooting when the pre-registration form is mailed in and on the scorecard before it is submitted to qualify for a handicap.

Junior Membership

Junior members are a priority with the Travelers.  We recruit them and welcome their participation.  Realizing that Sporting is beyond most young shooters financial depth, the club sponsors them by paying for their shoot registration fee.  In addition, we provide four boxes of 12 or 20 gauge ammo.  We consider anyone less than 18 years of age to be a junior member.

There is no minimum age requirement to participate in a Travelers event.  Each junior is, however, evaluated on his/her ability to demonstrate good gun safety and knowlege of shotgun shooting.

A recommendation from a parent or member is required for junior shooters' consideration into the Travelers.

Mentor Program

The Connecticut Travelers have a group of experienced people that have been trained on methods to help you with your shooting.  When signing up for a shoot, request to be squadded with a Mentor and you will be placed with a Mentor that will guide you and answer any questions you have.

Guest Policy

Guests of members are welcome whenever the shoot accommodates guests.  The same person may only be a guest one time each year.  Only one guest per member, per shoot is allowed.  Members will be informed about the including or excluding of guests in the shoot notice that appears in our club newsletter (Reload!) each month.

A guest pays a small surcharge on top of the entrance fee as a member.  Lunch only guests will be charged the Host Club's rate for lunch.


Sportsman of the Year

Year Sportsman
2015 Jim Comiotes
2014 Joe Cimino
2013 Jeff Maiorino
2012 Ron Leonardi
2011 Al Anglace
2010 Jeff Hunter
2009 John Hachmann
2008 Charlie Conger
2007 Don Brenton
2006 Donna Galotto
2005 Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association
2004 Bill Donaldson & Peter Wright
2003 Bob Busha
2002 Cyndi Dalena
2001 John Lawlor
2000 Bruce Buck
1999 Richie Frisella
1998 Neil Chadwick
1997 Jack Robertson
1996 Geoff Gaebe
1995 Dick Losee
1994 Ken Gagnon


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